The use of probiotics as a nutritional solution to dog anxiety continues to be explored. But the results of scientific studies that have already been conducted show that specific bacterial strains, such as Bifidobacterium longum, have a positive effect in addressing anxiety and stress issues in dogs.  Suffice to say, good quality probiotics for dogs should  be considered as part of a management plan to alleviate anxiety in dogs as well as improve their health and well-being.

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... the effect of fish oil on the remission and survival time of dogs with lymphoma showed that supplementation of fish oil resulted in an increase in disease-free interval and survival time for dogs with lymphoma.
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Digestion problems can affect a dog at any age. However, senior dogs suffer from digestive problems more often, pet parents need to be more alert and keep a close eye on their senior dog so that helpful medical intervention can be sought before the problem could become worse and serious complications set in.

  • 4 min read
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) / Dementia in dogs is an age-related condition affecting the brain of senior dogs. With time, affected dogs will experience cognitive decline and experience deficits in memory and learning, decreased perception, changes in sleeping patterns, poor response to stimuli, and lack of spatial awareness.
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