Get ready for something amazing! When cooking for your dog will be the best thing you'll ever do. WellyChef NEW brand of WellyTails will soon offer natural base-mixes that your dog will love and help them live a healthy and happy life! There will also be WellyChef software that tells you exactly how much nutrition your dogs actually getting. All you do it put in the weight, breed and age of your dog. You will even know how much exactly you should be feeding them. Now you will be able to create just the right recipes when cooking for your dog! WellyChef is launching March 2020 so stay tuned!

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We believe that your furry friend should have access to healthy and natural pet products. We want to offer amazing results so your cat or dog can live their best life, pain free! 

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We source local ingredients for our pet products. Additionally, most of our products do not need refrigeration until opened. Our product packaging and shipping materials are recyclable where municipal facilites exist. 

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