WellyTails Canadian Colostrum + Probiotics & Prebiotics

Canadian bovine colostrum with added probiotics and prebiotics is beneficial to puppies, kittens and senior pets.

Colostrum is the immune system supporting antibody-rich first milk produced just for the first few days after birth. Colostrum also provides several important growth hormones and other compounds, such as lactoferrin.  Young animals can absorb these antibodies whole, which helps provide boost immunity and protection from certain infections for several weeks.  

Colostrum supports the increased immune response against certain viruses, supports gut microflora helping the gut from developing leaky gut issues, improves bone and muscle function in older animals, 

Canadian Bovine (cows) Colostrum is the source of our colostrum as BST hormonesare NOT permitted for use in Canada, while the USA does permit the use of BST.


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